How to install in 3-10 min

"I had the Celpax out of the box and up and running in less than three minutes. Incredible."

Alex Bell, Director at Portland Education



  1. The MOST important is to decide where to hang your Celpax.
  2. After this, most managers install themselves in 3-10 min (you don’t need your IT-dept or maintenance team). 




  1. Stick the Celpax on the wall.
  2. Transmitter: Put the antennas A and B into their corresponding connector. Plug it into a power outlet. Wait 1-10 minutes* until ‘Celpax system ready’ appears.
  3. Press the test button. If all is OK, the green light flashes three times.
  4. Visit to start registering.


We’ll check your installation and send your dashboard login. After this, tape the transmitter vertically, high up.

*In some areas it could take longer, keep it plugged in pleaze ;) 

You can test to press before you activate. The pulses won’t appear on your dashboard until you tell us to start registering.



  • Paying users: Use our live chat, open a ticket or send an email to
  • Free users: Use this support portal and community forum, or chose a paid plan.


How can I know if my installation is OK?

  • The Celpax: If you see a Green light when you press the button on the side, it’s working. If not, plug in the transmitter somewhere else.
  • Transmitter: If it shows a green light, it’s working.
  • Celpax device location: most people should notice it when leaving the office! Send a pic and we’ll give you feedback.


  • Posters, email templates, etc to help you launch here.
  • Once you hang the Celpax, people typically just start pressing even if you haven’t communicates anything “officially”. So if you install 1 or 2 days in advance of your launch, people will press before the “official” launch. Hang a note saying “Launching soon!” or just start as soon as it's up.
  • VERY rough wall surface? Get in touch and we'll send a kit.