How to Start


How to install in 3-10 minutes: * The MOST important is to decide where to hang your Celpax. * After this, most managers install themselves in 3-10 min (you don’t need your IT-dept ( or maintenance team). "I had the Celpax out of the box and up and running in less than three minutes. Incredible." _Alex Bell, Director at Portland Education_ 1. Hang the Celpax by the exit door * Al...

Materials to help you launch

Launch with a bang! These are materials others have used: * Presentation for launching to employees ( * Email communication templates ( * FAQs for leaders ( pdf (More FAQs here (

How to launch: Your first 45 days

Many announce ( the Celpax a few weeks before to explain the Why, create awareness and get buy in. Here's how 8 leaders telling you how they launched ( You can test the buttons up until the Celpax is hanging on your wall, and you ask us to activate. Our weekly email will show you the previous week's results. Day 1 * La...