Where can I see the mood results for a day?

May 13, 2016
Peter Hainsey wrote
Hi, thanks for our free Celpax! How can I check the green we got on a particular day? When I go to analyse a day on the dashboard it says I have to wait 32 more days. The deployment status shows our average green % for all the days and the weekly breakdown, but I'm interested in the daily happiness rate.<br /> <br /> Thanks,<br /> Peter
1 Answer
May 16, 2016
Rebecca agent wrote

The Day Analysis takes 75 days to unlock (each section of the dashboard is explained here).

What we learnt is that it's easy to draw early conclusions that might be wrong when you look at the day results as you don't have enough mood data yet to know what a "normal" day looks like at your work site. The system needs to get a baseline of the typical daily participation, and how many press the green button. 

If you start looking at day results too early, you won't have anything to compare it to, so how do you know if it's a good or a bad day? You might start acting on things that look alarming but in reality are within the normal for your work site.

The analytics gets more stable and reliable the longer you use it.

That of course doesn't mean you can't do anything with the mood results yet, on the contrary. The sooner you start sitting down regularly with your team to ask them the question "what makes us press green?" and talk about how THEY think you can fix the red, the sooner you can experiment and try to make improvements. And get more green :) 

2-min technique for what to do with the results here.