Improve with All-Hands Meetings and Take Action

All-Hands meetings

A visible way to show that upper management take the Mood KPI seriously

Many managers use their Town Hall meetings to talk, discuss and vote for change. Some stuff they do is: 

  1. Show the latest monthly Mood KPI (the image under Trends)
  2. At one Swedish company the Mood KPI is used as an open discussion base at their monthly Town Hall meetings. They use broad questions like “What percentage of green do we want to see, to consider us to have a ‘good’ company”?
  3. Encourage people to discuss the results among them, and with their managers, on an ongoing basis.
  4. "We believe in being a democratic workplace. Employees use table tennis paddles to vote with!". DEK :“I involve people by asking them stuff like Are we going to keep doing activity X or not? People then raise their hands to vote.
  5. “We had an interactive session where we talked about what makes us press red and green. We let people chat among themselves, sharing whatever they wanted to share.”
  6. "We want our employees to speak up so we can capture feedback regarding if things are going well or not in our company”