No signal installing


A very small percentage have to play around to find a good location for their transmitter (remember that the Celpax should ALWAYS hang in the ideal location). 


Example 1:

The Celpax is hanging in the core of the 1st floor, which is where employees exit at the end of the shift. 

The Celpax connects to the transmitter (signal 1 in black).

The transmitter connects to the nearest GSM tower (signal 2 in red).

When pressing the test button on the Celpax, it flashes green 3 times. You're ready to start!



Example 2

You don't see "Celpax system ready" on the transmitter display. The transmitter can't connect to the GSM tower (signal 2) when it's plugged in to the "ideal" power outlet.

Let's look for another place!

It could be that the nearest GSM tower (signal 2) is in the north, south... let's find a signal!

The Celpax and the transmitter (signal 1) can connect to each other from a long distance: up to 1200 feet / 400 meters outside.

  1. Leave the Celpax hanging on the wall.
  2. Try plugging in the transmitter at other locations (ideally near windows, at the same place as the Celpax but on the floor upstairs, etc).
  3. When you see "Celpax system ready" on the transmitter, you press the test button on the Celpax again. If it flashes green 3 times - great! If not, try plugging in the transmitter somewhere else and repeat step 2. 




  1. Signal 1 can't go through big metal surfaces: metallic doors etc. 
  2. A big number of Celpax devices can connect and use the same transmitter.