How to setup the WIFI transmitter

The Wifi Transmitter


Note: The Celpax transmitter usually comes with a SIM card that automatically connects to the Mobile Network without the steps below. The install page for that version is here.


In some remote sites or geographies where our Global Connectivity Partner has no roaming agreement, we provide a WIFI transmitter.

The WIFI transmitter will use your local Wireless Network (WLAN) to submit data to Celpax.

Therefore configuration is required.

The wifi transmitter only has one external antenna.

Check with us if you're unsure :)


Configuring the WIFI Transmitter

The WIFI transmitter needs to know your WFIF network settings.

You will need a Mobile/cell phone in order to provide that info.


1. Plug in the WIFI transmitter

Once plugged in to a socket, it will show the message "Wifi Setup":



At this point, the WIFI transmitter is waiting for the WIFI configuration.

It will start a Setup Wireless network where it is possible to specify the connectivity settings.



2. Connect with your  phone

You can use any mobile / cell phone device or laptop.

Note: The Safari browser family is not supported. An Android phone is recommended.

Open your phone: A new Wireless Network will show up, with the name CelpaxSetup_XXXXX:



You will connect to this network for the sole purpose of configuring the WIFI.

Select the CelpaxSetup network and your phone will connect:




3. Introduce the Wifi details with your browser

Open your browser and go to the address: http://w/ or simply introduce "w/" in the address bar.

Then the configuration screen will appear:

Please note that Safari browsers are currently not supported for this process.



Scan Wireless networks and select your local Wireless Network and introduce the password.

The transmitter will then show the following screen:



At that point, the WIFI transmitter will connect to your Wireless Network and contact the Celpax servers.

Your transmitter may also receive updates.

Finally, the transmitter will show the Ready message:



Great stuff, your WIFI transmitter is configured properly!


Where should it hang? How do install the Celpax device? Check here.




WIFI Transmitter menu

Did you move the transmitter to another worksite?

Or did your WLAN Settings change? 

Or perhaps you want to clear your settings from the transmitter?

Plug in the transmitter:

  1. To access the menu press and hold the transmitter button.
  2. The menu options will appear one after another every 5 seconds.
  3. Once you see the option you want, release the button.



The transmitter menu includes the following options:

  • Station info: Will display the Station serial number
  • Check for updates: Will check for firmware updates
  • Reset Wifi Settings: Will delete the WIFI settings from the transmitter and start the Wifi Setup process again. Video below! (After this step, follow the instructions at the top of this page!)
  • Factory Reset: Will revert all firmware updates and clear all settings. Do only when instructed by Celpax support
  • Exit Menu: Will exit the menu







Nothing happens after I introduce the WIFI password on Apple's IOS/Safari device

It's a known issue that configuring the WIFI station from Apple devices does not always complete the setup process.

As a workaround use an Android-based device or a computer laptop instead.



Name Resolution Problems

When trying to access the station setup from your browser, selecting any URL that terminates in / should bring the configuration applet.

  • For example http://w/ should open the configuration site.
  • If you get Name resolution problems you can also try to access the url



My phone can't find the network!

If your wifi settings changed, you have to reset (delete) the current wifi settings. 

That's the only way to connect to your new settings. 

1. Follow this by going to the "Reset Wifi Settings", and then

2. Start by following the instructions on the top of this page



Our wifi transmitter only connects to the 2.4 GHz band on wifi routers or access points (AP).

2.4Ghz is more stable and a longer reaching connection. 5Ghz is not supported yet.