Partner with Celpax


Become a Celpax partner!



Grow your business with our partner program. 

Help our mutual customers reach success!


What's the idea?

Sometimes we get existing or past users who are interested in working together with us.

We love it!

The best partners are those who have experience in using our device. But hey, we don't discriminate :)

We will give you a commission if you promote us and get new customers to sign up for a Celpax plan, starting at Basic. (30% first year, 20% second year)

We'll support you so you can assist them on their journey. 



What's your role?

The challenge for new users isn't to start measuring.

The challenge is to create a new habit to improve. 

This is where our partners play a key role.

If managers don't do anything with the results, they won't improve employee morale.

 Leaders have to DO stuff or the result will always be the same.

This is a tool to measure if your improvements are working!

Our partners focus on laying the foundation where leaders at all levels adopt a habit to continuously converse about the results and take action.

How do these actions affect employee morale? 

We have partners who visit their factories once a month to help create healthy habits and follow up on them.

Others use the Celpax to verify their impact on the client's business.

I.e. what is the impact on the day you give a training session? And over time?



What's our role?

It's common for new users to need to talk and ask for advice as they start.

A good few managers react with fear as they start. "What happens if everybody presses red?" is not an uncommon fear.

We will help you understand the most common reactions and how others have acted. 

  • We'll give you Celpax demo units you can use.
  • We'll give you materials, training tips, templates, and ongoing help. 
  • We can do joint marketing efforts.
  • If we have users asking for local help, we will refer them to you. 


Get in touch and we'll explain more :)