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Apr 10, 2019
Ferhat Emzikli wrote
I don’t see day rating for eachy day. Is there a reason for? Sometimes , it is empty.<br /> I see green stars,<br /> I see empty stars(what means empty stars??)<br /> I see red dots and i see blue dots.<br /> But there is a lot of emty days(no stars and no dots). See below. Why is that?<br /> <br /> And how works variation? For example: feb 5 and feb 6. Mood KPI is 63 in both case but variation is +0.48.<br />
2 Answers
Apr 10, 2019
Rebecca agent wrote

Hi Ferhat!

1. When the Day Rating is empty you didn't have enough participation to rate the employee mood that day.

For example: Feb 2nd and 3rd was a Saturday and a Sunday, so there was no result to rate.

  • Green stars to tell you how good the day was (the more green dots, the better!)
  • Red dots if it was bad (the more red dots... the worse)
  • Blue dots if you got more participation than normally (We also use blue dots under the Participation Analysis to guide you on how you're doing compared to other users)
  • Empty stars: Neutral day, a "normal" day at work
  • No symbol: Not enough participation to calculate

Video explaining the Day Analysis here.


2. Variation: 

We should really change this on our dashboard! 

A variation of +0,48 from one day to another is too small to be highlighted. The Mood KPI remains at 63% because:

  • Feb 6th: 63,48% Mood KPI
  • Feb 5th: 63.00% Mood KPI

It should just show as neutral, it's confusing, I agree Ferhat :) 


Please let me know if my answers solved your question? 


Apr 10, 2019
Ferhat Emzikli wrote
you are the best:) thnxx a lot