Roles & The Ideal Wellbeing Team

The Ideal Wellbeing Team & ROLES

A great workplace is everyone's job, right?

But obviously, some people do more, others less.

Here's a recipe that many companies use to get a good mix and drive positive change:


Admin Role 

  • Share the results daily/weekly/monthly using posters, emails, etc. with ALL employees.
  • Send and receive Green/Red list from all team supervisors.
  • Bring updated reports to meetings.
  • Send regular feedback on action taken.


Team Supervisors 

  • Identify green/red reasons together with the team.
  • Collect feedback and send the Green/Red list to the admin.
  • Take action to fix red issues.



  • Revise the Mood KPIs during yearly meetings.
  • Revise Green/List to elevate when needed.
  • Revise company-wide activities and actions.
  • Make sure that the Mood KPI is on the same level and gets the same attention as other business metrics.



  • Integrate the Mood KPI with business intelligence tools (API, intranet, etc)



  • Ideally from different areas, levels, ages, tenure, etc.
  • Decide on activities to be carried out.


The Ideal Wellbeing Team

  • 1 admin
  • 2 supervisors
  • 3 enthusiasts
  • 1 from management

Assign a budget and have a look at the green/red lists. 

What should you start fixing first?

Carry out social activities like Lunch Roulette, organize focus groups, etc. Find a rhythm to target wellbeing!