How is our pulse data used?

May 21, 2019
Daniel wrote
What do you do, and what do you plan to do, with the data you collect? Is it sold or otherwise provided to third parties? What identifying information is attached?<br /> <br /> I did find this article, but it does not mention anything about third parties:<br /> <br /> <a href=""></a><br /> <br />
2 Answers
May 21, 2019
Rebecca agent wrote

Hi Daniel!

We don't sell the data nor our customers’ details. We never have.

We don't hand over anything for third parties with the intention for them to get their hands on it to use/analyze/ benefit, etc.

  • We work to have a positive social impact. Our mission is to improve workplaces, worldwide. We consider us as part of the good guys, no hidden agenda here :)
  • We will never disclose any details or results regarding your use of our services without your prior written consent. I.e. if you want to share tips or share your experience with fellow Celpax users in a blog post or similar.
  • In addition, we will not use your data or results of the use of the Celpax in any way detrimental to you. Full terms here.

I added some info to the Data Protection and Privacy page to clarify, thanks!

Wishing you a #GreenButton day,




May 21, 2019
Daniel wrote
That's fantastic! Thanks for this (and for Celpax itself--really a great service). I might suggest considering putting some of this info a little more front-and-center on your site, as it's quite a selling point in a world where people are becoming more suspicious of other &quot;free&quot; services.<br /> <br /> Thanks again :)