How to launch: Your first 45 days


Many announce the Celpax a few weeks before to explain the Why, create awareness and get buy-in.

  • Here are 8 leaders sharing how they launched.
  • You can test the buttons up until the Celpax is hanging on your wall, and you ask us to activate.
  • Our weekly email will show you the previous week's results.


Day 1

  • Launch with the help of the communications templates (read how others launched) and hang posters
  • The first 14 days is your warm-up period: Many want to test how the Celpax works and some might press more than usual to check out the green and red lights. Statistically speaking, the novelty effect means the system isn’t stable, you first need to establish a routine.


Day 4 - Say thanks

  • Your colleagues have pressed for a few days now. Perhaps say thanks for participating so they know you're listening? 
  • Keep your ears open. How are people reacting? Get managers at all levels talking with people to see if you need to take early action (hang a "you are anonymous" poster, etc).


14 days - Share the results

  • After 2 weeks most leaders share their preliminary Mood KPI with all their people.
  • Some people need to hear it verbally, some need a sketch on a whiteboard, and some need to read text.
  • Our data show that face to face conversations is THE fastest way to improve employee morale. A popular question to start a dialogue is "What makes us press the green button?". More hints here


21 days

  • "The longer I’m a leader, the more I realize that communicating something once is the equivalent of not communicating it at all" Users who regularly share their results and ask what is behind the red get higher participation. People are curious! (and many will be interested in letting you know how to have greener days)


45 days

  • You've unlocked your Mood KPI! It's based on the last 30 days of data. It’s a moving average. Think of it as what result to expect on an normal day.
  • Successful leaders share the results regularly with all coworkers. Use our API to show the results on your intranet, or screens.


From now on

  • As you talk to your employees and start fixing what makes them press red, your baseline will tell you if your efforts work = your Mood KPI should go up. One popular technique is explained here. 
  • Measure. Talk. Improve. Repeat! 


Most users say you only need to:

  • Ask what makes people press green, and talk about how you can fix the red (2 min techniques to improve here)
  • Share the results regularly with all your employees (otherwise people stop giving feedback)



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