How it Works

The Celpax Device

How does it work? Measure. Talk. Improve. Repeat! The Celpax is a physical device which hangs on the wall at the company exit door. Employees answer How was your day? when they go home each day: - Press the Green or Red button once - After you press the green and red lights will display the collective results, i.e. they show how your colleagues felt at work today - The online dashboard shows the full results. Use this to talk with your employees (


- You access the pulse survey results online ( - No software to download - Weekly email ( update sent every Monday DASHBOARD (HOME) The Mood KPI is your baseline. Think of it as “where you are” or what result to expect on a normal day. In this case, 71% normally press the green button leaving work. 29% press the red button. It’s a rolling average (https://en.wi...

Weekly email

* You, and all admins, will get an email update every Monday * It compares last week to the weeks before. Did your employees press more green after your activities last week? * When you click on "view chart", you enter the dashboard directly (

Inspiration from other users

8 cool examples from Celpax users 1. Make your Celpax visible, in a fun way Perfect when you don't have an "ideal" place ( to hang it. 2. Give your Celpax its own name Some involve their employees in coming up with a new name. Meet Tony! 3. Find a good location Mediacom started with one free Celpax ( When they moved it from the stairs to the elevators...