Affordable Screens for your Mood KPI


Bring your Mood KPI where the Discussions take place


As you probably know it is the conversations that accelerate workplace wellbeing.

Once you are measuring your employee morale, why not share it where the actual discussions take place?

In our picture above we see how Finax Bakery (Sweden) implemented this practice. They discuss their Mood KPI every day during their lean management meeting.

This is a fantastic way to generate awareness about wellbeing. Our API is free.

When Finax first approached us they had been told to get a complex digital signage system for many thousands of euros.

Then one of their employees raised the hand and said: "We could do that with a 35 EUR Raspberry PI and one of those screens that no one uses anymore".

When they contacted us, we replied: of course you can do it with a Raspberry PI!


Need physical screens? How to get your own for 100 euros


You need to buy:

  • A Raspberry PI 3 (that includes Wifi). EUR 35 approx.
  • A Raspberry PI 3 enclosure. EUR 10 approx.

You need to find or buy:

  • A screen with an HDMI connector. I bet there are many that no one is using, but if you need a new one you can find them for less than  EUR 200.
  • An HDMI cable (check connector compatibility with RPI 3)
  • A Vesa mounting kit (if you want to install the screen permanently on the wall). 

You need to get help from:

  • Someone that can give your Raspberry PI access to your Wifi network (cable setup is also possible)
  • You probably have an IT person that can do some basic programming. Note that this is the kind of maker project that IT people love, so, finding volunteers should not be difficult.
  • You can also ask for API support package from Celpax, which is very affordable. Ask Rebecca about it.


So, with a very limited budget, you can implement a top wellbeing practice, and bring the wellbeing metrics to the physical place where conversations happen. 

On the way you might even save some old equipment from becoming garbage, and surely you'll make the day for an IT teammate!