How many employees press the Celpax depends on:


1. Ergonomics:


  • Is it easy for everyone to press as they finish their shift? Ergonomic tips
  • How many exit doors do you have? How many of these have a Celpax? If you have more doors than Celpax devices, you will always get a lower % of participation.

2. The things you do

The % of participation is also an indicator of how you and your Team Managers work with the results. It's proportional to the things you do! 
  • How many of your team managers regularly talk with their team, to list Green & Red feedback?
  • How many "red" things do you fix per month?
  • How many activities do you do per month to improve morale?
  • Do you have a rhythm to prioritize employee morale?
  • Is your top management asking their leaders about their Mood KPI, and what they have found out / are fixing this month?
100% participation is not a goal 
 - Employees are on holidays, sick, on business trips, two people ahead pressing, they forget, national holidays, leave at odd hours...
It’s normal to get more participation:
 - A really good or bad day
 - Periods of change

Our 2 TOP tips to get higher participation!


  1. Other users say that regularly

    • talking about the results with employees,

    • fixing "red" and 

    • sharing the results regularly is key to participation

  2. Get all Team Managers to fill in the Green & Red list together with their teams



...and 8 more tips:


  1. Explain why you would like to improve employee morale with their feedback. 

  2. Print and hang a poster today next to the Celpax, or send an email to thank people for pressing

  3. Ask random employees what they think makes people press green/red

  4. Show the results on your intranet/ TVs with our API.

  5. Increase manager buy-in by making them admins so they receive the weekly results.

  6. Share our promise that employees are totally anonymous (camera nearby? print our poster!)

  7. Give an update of the Mood KPI and red stuff that has been fixed at the next All-staff meeting 

  8. New employees? Show them how it works! Is the Celpax in your employee welcome pack?

Low participation after a while?
People stop pressing when it doesn't matter.
So if it matters to you, they press.
Perhaps you are waiting for people to press, but they are waiting for you - it's a downward spiral. 
Make them feel that it's worth pressing!

Example of a good installation


Here we see that the ergonomics are good.

Employees press when it's time to leave, as the shift finishes.

The breakdown shows the difference between shifts: