Celpax data location

Oct 17, 2016
Hans Leeuw wrote

Can anybody tell me where the data coming from the Celpax devices is stored?
By this I mean in which country.

Kind Regard,

Hans Leeuw
4 Answers
Oct 17, 2016
Rebecca agent wrote
Hi Hans!

We follow EU data protection regulations and the encrypted data is physically stored in Germany (as they have one of the leading data protection laws worldwide).

Hope you're having a green-button day :)

Oct 17, 2016
Rafael del Valle agent wrote
Hi Hans!

This is Rafael from Celpax.

I am curious about your requirements for data storage.

To Rebecca's reply I can add that our new private cloud runs on bare-metal servers. We have automated our operations (DevOps) and all hard drives are encrypted by default.

We are moving out of the public cloud so that we are not forced to share our customer data with any other provider.

Please let me know if you have any extra requirements.

Oct 17, 2016
Hans Leeuw wrote
Hi Rebecca en Rafael,

Good to hear that you thought about our privacy and where to store the customer data.

The main requirement for us is that the data is stored in Europe (we are a Dutch company). Secondly we want to make sure that our data is safe and cannot fall onto the wrong hands.

Kind regards,

Oct 24, 2016
Rafael del Valle agent wrote
Hi Hans,

Yes, I know what you mean, nowadays is easy to feel that our data is not safe.

When we became aware of all the issues with data privacy we decided to start migrating from public to private clouds. A process that we have almost finished.

We run our private cloud on dedicated servers just for us.

We have automated operations (DevOps), so that HardDisks and Network traffic (even inside the same datacenter) are automatically encrypted.

The main problem we see in the industry is that data is been stolen through the "chain of trust".

Services like ours trust their providers, but don't know that their providers are subject to "data rendition" regulations.

Even though we are a small company we decided to automate our server farm and add this kind of features early in the process.

It is an ongoing process, and we still have some work to do.

But we share your concerns 100%.