Can we know how many times the button has been pressed each day?

Sep 18, 2019
Helen Palmer wrote
I’ve received some feedback form the team regarding the results which we receive each week, and they asked if it’s possible to know how many people/times the buttons have been pressed, ie if we are 52% green, they wanted to know is this 52% of 100 people pressing, or 20 people.
1 Answer
Sep 18, 2019
Rebecca agent wrote

Hi Helen!

The % of participation is an indicator of how you work with the system.

It's proportional to the things you do. Employees press when they see that it makes a difference. Make me feel it's worth pressing!

If you talk about the result in your daily huddles, you might get 70-80% participation.

If you talk about if once a month, around 30%.


You can check your team's participation in various ways:

1. Day Analysis: Our algorithms will show what the expected number of pulses is for each day, and rate your day. I.e. if you normally get 30% of your employees participating, and yesterday you got 52% people pressing, that plus the percentage of green you got yesterday, is then evaluated. Video here.

2. Participation Analysis: This shows your participation % (you are the black line!) over time. We also rate your participation, as we compare it to companies where the Celpax is having a positive impact and where they keep up a nice number of pulses (long-term).  Video here.

3. Advanced: The lower blue chart is your participation: each grey bar is one day. If you hover over each data, the data will appear. Video here.

4. Trend Analysis: You can see the total number of pulses per week, and per month. Video here.


The typical participation is based on how many people you say work at each location (you can change it under configuration in the top right corner).

We count 100% of employees to be in every day, but of course, people are on holidays, off sick, working from home, etc. so you never have 100% of your workforce on site. 

Hope this helped you clarify the concept a bit Helen?