About to move! Scattered employees! What to do!

Jul 05, 2017
Daniel Gaytán wrote
Hello guys,<br /> <br /> I'm due to install the Celpax device on july 11th. We’re currently on a temporary, shared business space building. This means that all of our employees are scattered in different offices and floors. We don’t have a specific exit door for all of them. We’re moving to our definite location, with a single exit and thus an ideal Celpax location, by August.<br /> <br /> What would your recommendation be? <br /> <br /> Can I install the Celpax as a temporary location in my office (HR) and tell them to come every now and then to enter their input? <br /> Would there be any problems if August came and I take it off the wall and just paste it on the exit door of our new building?<br /> <br /> Please let me know. Can't wait to start getting information abour our employee's mood!<br /> <br /> Thank you,<br /> <br /> - Daniel G.<br />
1 Answer
Jul 06, 2017
Rebecca agent wrote

Hi Daniel!

When you have several exits and are on the free plan with 1 Celpax, participation can be tricky.

I had another HR with a similar situation. We did an experiment with them hanging the Celpax in their HR dept. It was a total flop!
What we learnt from that installation, and from others, is that the participation rate highly depends on where it physically hangs. It has to be easy to press, i.e. on your natural way out. 

In one company they went from 9 pulses to 113 the day after moving the Celpax so that it was hanging near the elevator instead.

So now that I'm much wiser (and older hehe) my suggestion would be to look for a volunteer - a manager that's genuinely interested in sitting down and talking with his people about what makes them press green - and start in her/his department with your support. You can then use their experience as you launch to your whole company in August.

I always put some extra stickers in the box that you can use when the time comes to move it.

Have fun creating a better workplace :)