Materials to Share Results & Improve

Inspiration from other users

8 cool examples from Celpax users 1. Make your Celpax visible, in a fun way Perfect when you don't have an "ideal" place ( to hang it. 2. Give your Celpax its own name Some involve their employees in coming up with a new name. Meet Tony! 3. Find a good location Mediacom started with one free Celpax ( When they moved it from the stairs to the elevators...

List of Green & Red + 1 chosen improvement

List of Green & Red feedback - Team Managers: Sit down with your team and agree on a list of Green & Red causes. Then chose 1 improvement for the next 30 days. - Operations/HR: Get your managers to send you this monthly. Find synergies and see where HR could help with coaching. - Top Management: Ask leaders: What is your Mood KPI? What have you found out? What is being done? Also do the same as team managers: What makes you press green as leaders? What is your c...

Monthly Report

Monthly Report Use this Word document ( to keep your team up to date and boost participation.

Communication Templates: Email

Many of our users find emails a useful tool to keep employees informed and to spark the conversation. Looking for help to get started on sharing your results with the team? Check out our: Email communication templates (

Posters: Help Improve Mood KPI and Participation

Print a poster! Hang a poster next to the Celpax or in the kitchen to get your message across! 1. Click to download 2. Use the Word format to change images, numbers, texts, add your logo, etc ( ( ( (

Infographic Reports

Infographic Reports How about sharing your Mood KPI results in a infographic inspired style?

Printable help materials: Conversation Starter Cards

Our data show that face to face conversations are the fastest way to improve employee morale. Make conversations happen! Printable cards to leave on your colleagues' desks, in the kitchen... Get people talking between themselves, or use this as an excuse to strike up a conversation. Word format ( (adjustable) (

Daily mood tracker: Self-evaluation

Daily Self-Evaluation A fun and simple template for those wanting to keep a closer eye on their personal happiness and wellbeing at work. Print it and hang it at your home office. Then grab a pen at the end of your workday :) How was your day? Click to download: Word ( PDF version (