Sep 17, 2019
Narendran Damodaran wrote
IS THE COUNT REAL TIME or is it onoy after end of day ?
1 Answer
Sep 17, 2019
Rebecca agent wrote

Hi Narendran!

Your transmitter connects randomly to send the data to our servers. This happens approx. 1 per hour.

This is so we can group the results so employees feel anonymous as the give their feedback.

  • If you check back in an hour or so, you should be able to see the results.
  • The day is closed at midnight, your local time. Oh, and remember that during the first few days, it's normal that the green % can fluctuate a lot.
  • More tips for your first 45 days here.

As long as the red and green lights appear (to show your team's collective mood) after you've pressed, your Celpax is working. We monitor everything remotely and would contact you if something isn't working.

More FAQs here