Lost Statistics

Nov 06, 2017
Jason Hicklin wrote
I wonder if you can help me out. I have been looking at our stats on Celpax and it appears all of the data from previous weeks has disappeared.<br /> <br /> Many thanks
1 Answer
Nov 07, 2017
Rebecca agent wrote
Hi Jason,

The dashboard changes when you have 45 days with data, as you have unlocked your Employee Mood KPI ("the result to expect on a normal day", your average based on the last 30 days).

From now on the system will show you the Mood KPI for each day. You can also check the red/green ratio for each day either under Advanced, or under "Analysis/Days" when that unlocks.

If you'd like to check the results for the first 45 days, click on "show previous data" at the bottom of the "Trends" page.

More dashboard info here

Hope this helps!