How can I facilitate the active participation of staff? I think more employees should press

Apr 19, 2018
Lena H. wrote
Hi how can I get more employees to participate and press the buttons. Thank you.
1 Answer
Apr 19, 2018
Rebecca agent wrote


Ergonomics are key:

  • The system counts X exiting daily through where the Celpax is hanging, change it here if needed. We also count that you have 100% of employees on site 365 days per year.. which you probably don't :)
  • Are there any other exit point/s employees use, where there is no Celpax?
  • Is it hanging in the optimal place?
  • Is it hanging low enough? Waist level means people can hide the device as they press, in case they don't want to show others how they pressed


“What can we do?”

  • Explain why you would like to improve the employee morale with their feedback. Did you tell your employees why you started with the Celpax by email, weekly meeting, poster or similar?
  • Send an email today to thank people for participating
  • Put a poster next to the Celpax
  • Other users say that regularly talking about the results (ask random people what they think makes people press red) and sharing the results is key to get people to keep participating so you can take action and improve. 
  • Show the results automatically on your intranet/ TVs.
  • Increase manager buy-in by making them admins so they receive the weekly results.
  • Share our promise that employees are totally anonymous

 Most effective of all is to close the feedback loop by showing your people how this system is supposed to work:

Measure. Talk. Improve. Repeat!

So try to fix something that makes people press green, communicate it back to your people when it's done, and that will boost participation :)