Employee Presentation for employees (German)

Rally up your people! One thing that makes a huge difference is explaining the WHY to your employees as you launch. WHY are you asking them to press a button? Because you want them to feel good at work! Here's a presentation in German that one of our German customers kindly shared with you. They launched at their All-staff meetings using this: (http://www.celpax.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Wie-war-dein-Arbeitstag-Employee-presentation.pdf) Click to download (http://www.celpax...

List of Green and Red + Chosen Improvement

- Team Managers: Sit down with your team and agree on a list of Green & Red causes. Then chose 1 improvement for the next 30 days. - Operations/HR: Get your managers to send you this monthly. Find synergies and see where HR could help with coaching. - Top Management: Revise the lists monthly. Also do the same as your team managers and ask YOUR team: What makes us press green as leaders? What is our chosen improvement this month? Download the Word document below:

German Posters

Hang a poster next to the Celpax to share your results, and drive employee participation. 

Or perhaps hang it in the kitchen..?

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  • Word documents
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