The red button fanatic

Nov 08, 2017
Yasdet Maldonado wrote
Any suggestions on what to do when 1 or 2 disgruntled employees repeatedly push the red button several times a day but do not want to share the reason for their dissatisfaction?
1 Answer
Nov 10, 2017
Rafael del Valle agent wrote

Hi Yasdet,

This is what we call protest pulses.

They happen sometimes but, in general is rare and have limited impact to modify the overall result.

Protest pulses can be easily identified if you installed your device properly, in terms of ergonomics.

The Celpax should be on the way of the employee as she leaves work. Meaning you find the Celpax on your way out where both your hand and sight are.

It is very important that Employees press the button at the end of the working day.

We can help you identify whether you have protest pulses and more importantly how much are they impacting the result.

On the other hand, when we designed the Celpax we decided to leave the Protest pulses in, even thou we can detect them.

The reason is because it matters. If you have an unhappy employee that is willing to boycott you Celpax initiative, what other initiatives is he/she trying to boycott?

Initiatives of Customer support? Sales? Training?

Few Celpax users report protest pulses and normally the tackle the underlying situation.