Machine Response - gets hang

Jun 07, 2019
Chirag Trivedi wrote
Hi Rebecca,<br /> <br /> While testing machine during the day, I have observed that machine gets hang, once I press response for around 15-20 times.<br /> <br /> It takes around 10 seconds to register next record, can you please advise the logic/reason behind this.<br /> <br /> <br /> Regards,<br /> Chirag Trivedi _ Cadila Pharma, India
1 Answer
Jun 07, 2019
Rebecca agent wrote

Hi Chirag,

As you just started with your Celpax device I guess you were testing the buttons to figure out how it works?

The lights you see after you press show the total team result from everyone (today's results).

We built in screening mechanisms into our software to filter suspicious behaviour, such as pressing too many times, in a short time period.

The algorithm is based on a natural flow of people leaving work. I.e.

  • One employee comes up to the Celpax to press a button - then checks the result - and steps away
  • After this, another employee comes up to press a buton - then check the results - and steps away
  • Etc

All this feedback will be accounted for.

If you press the buttons too many times too quickly, the Celpax device will still show lights, but it won't account for all the pulses (to prevent people from pressing twice).

And if you press it repeatedly, it will temporarily stop showing the lights as an indication for the employee to "calm down" and step away... the idea is to press it once a day, not 15-20 times :)

Most companies don't see this filter kick in, as employees don't tend to press multiple times.

That happens more the first couple of days when people are checking out how the system works (like you did now), OR once or twice a year with events like an employee who got fired, etc.

It tends to be easy to see in the data too. Have a look at the attached.

Hope this answers your question Chirag?