Rating Report

Jun 11, 2019
Olusola Olowoyeye wrote
We have a rating for May 26th and we are not in the office that very day.
2 Answers
Jun 12, 2019
Rebecca agent wrote

Hi Olusola!

Your Mood KPI is a rolling average.

It is calculated using all your pulses from your last 30 days.

So the result from 31 days ago, will be replaced by yesterday's result. 

Imagine if 31 days ago you had unusual green results for example. This day will now be excluded from the Mood KPI and replaced by another day results that is neutral (as no one was pressing that day).

This way you might get a minimal change in your Mood KPI on a day when no one is working / pressing, like on May 26th.

More FAQs here.

Hope that answers your question?

Wishing you a #GreenButton Wednesday!

Jun 12, 2019
Olusola Olowoyeye wrote
Great! Thank you for the prompt response.