Employee FAQs

What is the Celpax?

The CelpaxTM is an easy way for you to give daily feedback, as you leave work.

The whole team can instantly get a sense of the mood in your organization. The purpose is to improve the work climate.


How does it work?

  1. Press Green or Red once, responding to the question How was your day?
  2. After you’ve pressed, the red and green lights show today's results (both from you and your colleagues).

The device sends the data to celpax.com where you and all your colleagues can sign up to check the basic results

What makes you press the green button? And how would you fix what makes you press red?

Talk to your colleagues, leaders, etc to help bring positive change.


Why measure anyway?

We can only improve what we measure! Building a great workplace takes time and dedication.

The Celpax helps teams track their "sentiment" or mood just like a pulse meter helps athletes track their physical form.

The idea is that by everyone expressing how their day went, the company can improve the workplace altogether. The Celpax allows teams to measure if they're moving in the right direction.

Measuring allows teams to try new initiatives, make changes and quickly see whether they work or not based on your feedback. This is only possible with your, and your colleague's participation.


Will the company or my coworkers know how I voted?


The Celpax is completely anonymous. Read our Privacy Guarantee.


Well, I still think there are some dark intentions!

At Celpax we take privacy seriously. The Celpax device only reports back if you press green or red as you leave work. From a technical point of view it’s impossible for the device to perform other tasks. It doesn’t store anything personal. It doesn’t try to find out who pressed. It doesn’t have a camera. It can’t read your facial expression. It can’t scan your fingerprints.

When companies signup to measure and improve their company culture, we make them sign a privacy clause (terms here).

Each company agrees to use our Celpax devices for the sole purpose of IMPROVING your workplace.

Each company is also obliged by our contract to respect the employee privacy as you start giving feedback in order to talk about what’s good or not at work, take action and fix things that can be improved. 

Surveillance is not permitted. It’s not about controlling. This isn’t about evaluating anyone.

It’s about changing things so people – you – feel better at work.


Is this voluntarily?


However, it's helpful to contribute and let your team know how your days go. Keep in mind that we can only improve what we measure.

The important thing is that you are truthful when voting. You help build a better workplace by doing so!

In fact, there are three metrics: Red, Green and None. Team members not willing to give feedback are, in a way, also sending a fairly valid message to their coworkers...


How can the Celpax help me as an employee?

Being asked to evaluate your workday, the Celpax starts a thinking process within both employees and leaders.

By starting a habit to give feedback upon how your day went, you automatically start reflecting over things that might lead to an improved work situation.

I.e. are you more likely to press green when you leave on time? Do you think it’s OK if you press Red three days in a row? If not, what can you do to change this pattern? Or who do you need to talk to in order to change?

Or do you tend to press more green at the beginning of the week?

By observing your reactions, you can change your behavior and actions so you get more ‘green’ workdays.

You can also become a better colleague by trying to be more helpful when the trend turns red, and help finding answers and solutions to improve your workplace.


Is this a control system?

The very opposite!

You can only improve what you measure. Building a better workplace takes time and dedication.

The Celpax helps teams track their “sentiment” just like a pulse meter helps athletes track their physical form. We believe that creating a better workplace is everyone’s job, and that all employees should have a voice.

Our business wouldn’t work if employees didn’t press so we of course make sure we act in the interest of the employees.

Read the Celpax privacy guarantee.


Why only two buttons?

This is intentional. We want people to actively choose, to make a decision. There’s no sitting on the fence!

The comfortable middle option (orange) is that you don’t have to think. And that’s the problem.

There are tons of people who shy away from making decisions and just go for the easy, middle option. With our green or red approach it quickly turns into a habit to evaluate your day by simply pressing one button as you leave your workplace. This also means we quickly pick up the reactions like after a key event, or an important announcement, so leaderd can instantly check the impact on the employee morale.

When confronted with two choices – you either press green or red – it forces you to reflect on your workday.

Imagine if you press red several days in a row. Perhaps it would get you thinking about things? Reflecting over why you’re not happy at work. Or the steps you need to take to have ‘greener’ days. Or who you need to talk to in order to improve things for you and others at work.

We think companies can improve their workplace faster, by offering a green and a red button.



I wanna use this in my company!

You can get your first Celpax starting at 5 euros (1 per company) and get started in no-time!