Inspiration from other users

8 cool examples from Celpax users


1. Make your Celpax visible, in a fun way 

Perfect when you don't have an "ideal" place to hang it.



2. Give your Celpax its own name

Some involve their employees in coming up with a new name.

Meet Tony!



3. Find a good location

Mediacom installed one Celpax.

When they moved it from the stairs to the elevators, they went from 9 pulses to 113 the next day.

It has to be easy to press, on your way home.



4. Reminders

See the sticker on the door?

A fun reminder as you leave.






5. Show the Employee Mood KPI on screens

At Finax they discuss the results in their daily morning meeting.

rive participation and add transparency with our API (it automatically shows the result on your TV or intranet).



6. Employer branding 

Show future employees that you are a workplace that care about your people.




7. A mood doll

Nissan got creative and created red and green mood dolls!

Here's a page from their internal newsletter:


8. Flyers

Love this hands-on example. Where will everyone go at some point during the day?

To get a coffee! Or to eat :) 

Gives people a chance to find out WHY you're starting with the Celpax, and get conversations started.