Intranet sharing

Wanna show your results on TV screens or on your intranet?

Drive participation and add transparency!

We have an API which is like a plugin that makes your system automatically connect to ours.

  • The system grabs the daily Mood KPI, or the combined mood result from two work sites, etc. to cross check with other Key Performance Indicators like revenue, incidents, productivity, etc. 
  • You can then broadcast it on screens, intranets, TVs, etc. throughout your office or factory. Like this company does


“Our participation increased when we started showing our results on screens” 



How does it work?

You will need someone with programming experience to help you. 

We use PHP and NodeJS. Admin users can find your API keys and the Source Code on the Dashboard in the Configuration menu (top right corner) if you log in to your dashboard.

More details at our Developer section.




Here's Quality Ironworks from Texas


Super visible and connected to company KPI's!


Implementation Help

 Need help with implementing the API? Get in touch.