The Celpax Device


How does it work?


Measure. Talk. Improve. Repeat!


The Celpax is a physical device that hangs on the wall at the company exit door.

Employees answer How was your day? when they go home each day:

  1. Press the Green OR Red button, once
  2. After you press, the green and red lights will display the collective results. I.e. they show how your team felt at work today.
  3. The online dashboard shows the full results.
  4. Use the result as a basis to talk with your employees regularly. Make a list of what makes your team press green, and red. Then choose one red thing to fix. 
  5. Use the Mood KPI result to see if your actions have the wanted effect. Are you getting more green? 2 min intro technique. We can also help you.





Our recipe to improve employee morale is: Measure, Talk, Improve. Repeat!