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COVID recommendations We are also seeing an increase in red feedback, worldwide. Perhaps there are some small things you can do, today, to help colleagues have a #GreenButtonDay?
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Poster to share progress of red things fix you fixed

If your team managers have started talking with their teams to come up with the Green & Red list, you might want to use this poster. This is a visual way to show your team/s what you are working on, or what you have fixed lately. Print the poster and hang it next to the Celpax.
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Day Rating

I don’t see day rating for eachy day. Is there a reason for? Sometimes , it is empty. I see green stars, I see empty stars(what means empty stars??) I see red dots and i see blue dots. But there is a lot of emty days(no stars and no dots). See below. Why is that? And how works variation? For example: feb 5 and feb 6. Mood KPI is 63 in both case but variation is +0.48.

Participation report

Is it possible to get an emailed report every week that includes the number of pulses along with the rolling KPI (or even the % green for that week)? I want to encourage participation but i don't want to have to track it manually every week--an email would mean i could automatically parse out the data and add it to our scorecards. Hi Daniel! The weekly email shows the trend of your Mood KPI, as this is where there might be sudden changes in how people feel at work. When it comes to partic...

Can we know how many times the button has been pressed each day?

I’ve received some feedback form the team regarding the results which we receive each week, and they asked if it’s possible to know how many people/times the buttons have been pressed, ie if we are 52% green, they wanted to know is this 52% of 100 people pressing, or 20 people. Hi Helen! The % of participation is an indicator of how you work with the system. It's proportional to the things you do. Employees press when they see that it makes a difference. Make me feel it's worth pressing! If y...


IS THE COUNT REAL TIME or is it onoy after end of day ? Hi Narendran! Your transmitter connects randomly to send the data to our servers. This happens approx. 1 per hour. This is so we can group the results so employees feel anonymous as the give their feedback. - If you check back in an hour or so, you should be able to see the results. - The day is closed at midnight, your local time. Oh, and remember that during the first few days, it's normal that the green % can fluctuate a lot. ...

How is our pulse data used?

What do you do, and what do you plan to do, with the data you collect? Is it sold or otherwise provided to third parties? What identifying information is attached? I did find this article, but it does not mention anything about third parties:

Rating Report

We have a rating for May 26th and we are not in the office that very day. Hi Olusola! Your Mood KPI is a rolling average ( It is calculated using all your pulses from your last 30 days. So the result from 31 days ago, will be replaced by yesterday's result. Imagine if 31 days ago you had unusual green results for example. This day will now be excluded from the Mood KPI and replaced by another day results that is neutral (as no one was pressing t...

Machine Response - gets hang

Hi Rebecca, While testing machine during the day, I have observed that machine gets hang, once I press response for around 15-20 times. It takes around 10 seconds to register next record, can you please advise the logic/reason behind this. Regards, Chirag Trivedi _ Cadila Pharma, India Hi Chirag, As you just started with your Celpax device I guess you were testing the buttons to figure out how it works? The lights you see after you press show the total team result from everyone (today'...

We added a new poster: It's OK to press red

Sometimes we hear managers with coworkers who feel like they are "betraying" the team or their colleagues if they press red. But hey, everything can't be roses all the time right? It's not the end of the word to press red every now and then. How else can we know what you would like to improve? Here's a poster illustrating the concept: "Hey, it's OK to press red you know!" Here's a manager who encourages her people ...

Day Rating - Export

Hello! 2. Is there a way for me to do a CSV download of the day rating (% green, % red, pulses)? Or would this require me to go to each day using the view below? Hi Whitney! Using the left menu: 1. Go to Advanced/Raw Data 2. Select a time period (30, 90 or 365 days) or click on Advance to select a customized time period using the slider 3. Click on the Cloud Icon to download the result as a CSV With this you can cross check with other KPI's like productivity, absenteeism, turnover... ...

How can I facilitate the active participation of staff? I think more employees should press

Hi how can I get more employees to participate and press the buttons. Thank you.

Excel data file

Hola, es posible recopilar los datos de las pulsaciones a través de un doc. Excel ? Gracias, Irene

The red button fanatic

Any suggestions on what to do when 1 or 2 disgruntled employees repeatedly push the red button several times a day but do not want to share the reason for their dissatisfaction?

Raw data per pulse

Hi, I just explored the admin area of celpax a bit, and noticed that I can export raw data on an hourly basis, but I couldn't find out how to import raw data based on each pulse. Basically I would like to see the exact hour/minute/second on which each pulse was given. Is this possible? Thanks!

Lost Statistics

I wonder if you can help me out. I have been looking at our stats on Celpax and it appears all of the data from previous weeks has disappeared. Many thanks

How to access dash board

Hi, I got the free device yesterday and it is active now. Its working fine and I am planning to launch the device in the employee forum today. I am the admin user. Just want to check on when will I get access for the dash board and how will this mail ID be connected to the device that is sent. Is there a code in the device that will get registered to my mail id.

About to move! Scattered employees! What to do!

Hello guys, I'm due to install the Celpax device on july 11th. We’re currently on a temporary, shared business space building. This means that all of our employees are scattered in different offices and floors. We don’t have a specific exit door for all of them. We’re moving to our definite location, with a single exit and thus an ideal Celpax location, by August. What would your recommendation be? Can I install the Celpax as a temporary location in my office (HR) and tell them to come every now...

Can't see the pulse output at the first day of the install

I have gotten access to the dashboard, and have tested the device as well. But for some reason, I don't see the output on the dashboard. The pulse still says '0'. Are we doing something wrong?  Hi Mishal, The transmitter connects randomly to send the data to our sever. This happens aprox. 1 per hour. This is so we can group the results so employees feel anonymous as the give their feedback. If you check back in an hour or so, you should be able to see the first results on the home page of...

Celpax data location

Hi, Can anybody tell me where the data coming from the Celpax devices is stored? By this I mean in which country. Kind Regard, Hans Leeuw