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How can I facilitate the active participation of staff? I think more employees should press

Hi how can I get more employees to participate and press the buttons. Thank you.

Excel data file

Hola, es posible recopilar los datos de las pulsaciones a través de un doc. Excel ? Gracias, Irene

The red button fanatic

Any suggestions on what to do when 1 or 2 disgruntled employees repeatedly push the red button several times a day but do not want to share the reason for their dissatisfaction?

Raw data per pulse

Hi, I just explored the admin area of celpax a bit, and noticed that I can export raw data on an hourly basis, but I couldn't find out how to import raw data based on each pulse. Basically I would like to see the exact hour/minute/second on which each pulse was given. Is this possible? Thanks!

Lost Statistics

I wonder if you can help me out. I have been looking at our stats on Celpax and it appears all of the data from previous weeks has disappeared. Many thanks

How to access dash board

Hi, I got the free device yesterday and it is active now. Its working fine and I am planning to launch the device in the employee forum today. I am the admin user. Just want to check on when will I get access for the dash board and how will this mail ID be connected to the device that is sent. Is there a code in the device that will get registered to my mail id.

About to move! Scattered employees! What to do!

Hello guys, I'm due to install the Celpax device on july 11th. We’re currently on a temporary, shared business space building. This means that all of our employees are scattered in different offices and floors. We don’t have a specific exit door for all of them. We’re moving to our definite location, with a single exit and thus an ideal Celpax location, by August. What would your recommendation be? Can I install the Celpax as a temporary location in my office (HR) and tell them to come every now...

Can't see the pulse output at the first day of the install

I have gotten access to the dashboard, and have tested the device as well. But for some reason, I don't see the output on the dashboard. The pulse still says '0'. Are we doing something wrong?  Hi Mishal, The transmitter connects randomly to send the data to our sever. This happens aprox. 1 per hour. This is so we can group the results so employees feel anonymous as the give their feedback. If you check back in an hour or so, you should be able to see the first results on the home page of...

Celpax data location

Hi, Can anybody tell me where the data coming from the Celpax devices is stored? By this I mean in which country. Kind Regard, Hans Leeuw

New feature: Invite admin users

Invite colleagues yourself on the dashboard! A great workplace is everyone's job. Invite other leaders so they can check how your employee morale is evolving. And to see if your actions to continuously improve work of course. HOW? 1. Click on "Invite admin users" 2. Fill in the email address of your coworkers Add as many admins as you'd like. A great workplace is everyone's job!
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Where can I see the mood results for a day?

Hi, thanks for our free Celpax! How can I check the green we got on a particular day? When I go to analyse a day on the dashboard it says I have to wait 32 more days. The deployment status shows our average green % for all the days and the weekly breakdown, but I'm interested in the daily happiness rate. Thanks, Peter The_ Day Analysis_ takes 75 days to unlock (each section of the dashboard is explained here ( Wh...

How many administrators are allowed?

Hello, me again... it is my understanding that I can submit additional users that are admins. What is the maximum number we can add? You can add as many as you'd like in all of the free and paid plans :) Regarding who should get admin access, ask yourself: Who will talk to the employees to find out what makes people press green ( Who will take action to try to fix the red? And act on the results on a really red da...

Steps for launching?

Are there any suggestions for how to introduce this to get a good implementation? Kind of like good steps to follow? Thank you. Here you can get inspiration from how 8 leaders launched their Celpax ( And here's a step-by-step guide for your first 45 days ( Best of luck with your launch Lena :) Rebecca

New poster added

It helps employees reflect over their workdays: Do I want more days like this? Press green if you do Press red if you don't
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