How to Improve

2 min intro - what can we do with the results?

How can we improve our employee morale? You can’t change anything without your people. Our data show that face-to-face conversations are the fastest way to improve employee morale. Those get involved in the planning seldom fight the plan :) What recipe do our best users follow? Measure. Talk. Improve. Repeat! 1. Talk to your people The Mood KPI aims to help managers have more meaningful dialogues at work. To build trust, our users tell us they start focusing on the gre...


How many employees press the Celpax depends on: 1. Ergonomics: - Is it easy for everyone to press as they finish their shift? Ergonomic tips ( - How many exit doors do you have? How many of these have a Celpax? If you have more doors than Celpax devices, you will always get a lower % of participation. 2. The things you do The % of participation is also an indicator of how you and your Team Managers work with the resul...

How to Start the Conversation Around Results and Take Actions

Greener day starts with a Culture of Conversations Successful leaders make sure to minimize fear within their organization. Honest conversations is the goal! When you have a culture where people aren’t afraid to have meetings with other colleagues, or talking with their manager or be open about what makes them press green and red and speak up about how they see improvements could happen - THAT is when magic starts happening. All-Staff meetings (

Improve with All-Hands Meetings and Take Action

All-Hands meetings A visible way to show that upper management take the Mood KPI seriously Many managers use their Town Hall meetings to talk, discuss and vote for change. Some stuff they do is: * Show the latest monthly Mood KPI (the image under Trends ( * At one Swedish company the Mood KPI is used as an open discussion base ( at their _monthly...

Success Stories

Tips from companies that apply continuous improvement: - The BASF approach to improve work culture ( - “We compared our daily employee mood with productivity ( for 2 years” - An agile HR ( at an agile company - 91% leave work having had a good day here. Is it Google? Facebook? Take a guess (